The three themes of the 2021 Coventry University Group Staff Conference are outlined below.  These three themes will be brought together over the three days of the conference through a Co-creation event.  Details of this event are available here.


Enhancing current, and developing new innovative approaches to how we assess our students will be a key aspect of how the University transforms the student experience.  As part of the wider Digital Teaching and Learning Project the move to a full digital transformation of assessment will be significant area of investment over the next 2-3 years.

This strand at the Group Staff Conference will include sessions that provide updates and practical sessions on digital assessment activity.  In addition there will be sessions focused on assessment and feedback design, sharing practice and ideas to help enhance the student learning experience. 

Digital Education

The Digital theme on the conference’s programme will showcase a series of inspiring stories of successfully designing and delivering excellent teaching and learning experiences enabled by different components of our EdTech Ecosystem. Over the last few months technology-mediated learning has been more important than ever. Not only it has become the only way of engaging in education, but we have also undertaken a major transformation by putting active and community-led learning at the heart of the way we do thanks to the adoption of AULA as our learning experience platform. Over the next few months we will see other innovative practices getting consolidated, such as the use of open badges, peer-mentoring or academic blogging and online portfolios.

Making the most the opportunities for teaching and learning enabled by our EdTech Ecosystem and the digital landscape at large requires the development of digital fluency skills among both students and staff. Therefore, we are working to launch training packages to introduce our community of learners and educators to key skills.

A recent survey aimed at staff and students focus groups have been conducted across the Group to identify needs and underpin the creation of a self-directed learning package that all our students will be invited to complete before starting their courses. This will help set the expectations and provide them with an opportunity to develop all the skills they should have as they start their Coventry courses. Likewise, staff will have the opportunity to develop all the skills they need to effectively engage with our EdTech Ecosystem and to make the most of it.


Everyone has the right to a rich, fulfilling and enjoyable university experience.  

Diversity is a fact (the numbers are what they are), inclusion is a choice (you decide whether to include someone or not) – [attributed to Justin Trudeau]

Inclusion is something we all strive for, however there is not “one answer, one activity or one approach” to its achievement.

The theme of inclusion is delivered at our staff conference through best practice examples and discussions.  We are welcoming contributions from colleagues working in academic departments, professional services and research from across the University Group.