Co-Creation Event

We look forward to hosting a co-creation event which will span the three days of the staff conference. The co-creation event will focus on the theme of 'Sustainability' and the UN 17 Sustainable Development Goals: more specifically we will focus on Goal 13: Climate Change. 

What is co-creation?

In the broadest sense co-creation describes a "shift in thinking" which places the emphasis on collaboration and the value of the "participative process." (Ind & Coates, 2013)

In the context of curriculum design, co-creation refers to a "form of student-staff partnership in learning and teaching in which each partner has a voice and a stake in curriculum development." 

You can find out more about co-creation in the curriculum by visiting the curriculum 2025 toolkit. 

What will it involve?

You will be able to access the co-creation pages via a designated Microsoft teams page at any point across the staff conference. You can choose to participate in the asynchronous collaboration, using our interactive whiteboard and other virtual/ digital collaboration tools. There will also be an opportunity to join in the live drop-in synchronous video call which will be open and facilitated by student volunteers.  

The co-creation will take three phases, each day building on the previous day's ideas and contributions (see diagram below). We will have the support of fantastic student volunteers with a special interest in sustainability who will be facilitating the co-creation event. We welcome all staff to come along and join in and contribute. No matter where you are starting from in your co-creation/ sustainability awareness journey, you will be able to learn about co-creation in live time. 

The aim is to collectively create an output - be it an artefact, a resource, an idea or a concept... ultimately something that can benefit both students and staff within the curriculum, to contribute towards our conference themes of 'inclusivity', 'digital literacy' and 'assessment'. 

We will also be preparing short videos that will be available through microsoft teams to view, which will give you an oversight of the aims of the day and a summary of the developments (should you miss it and want to catch up or join in part way through, so don't worry if you can't come to it all!).