Participant Guidance

The on-campus event will take place on the 23rd June and will be followed by a series of online development sessions in the week commencing the 27th June.

The conference is aimed at all staff in the University involved in delivering and supporting teaching, learning and the student experience.  The conference themes are: student support; teaching and learning delivery; learning design; access, participation and inclusion; and assessment. 

Guidance notes for participants on the 23rd June 2022

The conference will have an on-campus presence at four locations:

  • Coventry – ECB building
  • London – London campus, G.09
  • Scarborough – Top Deck
  • Wroclaw - 01.14 Breakout room

The conference will start at 12noon with an opening plenary from our Provost, Ian Dunn.  Please arrive early. 

  • For colleagues joining the conference at Coventry please arrive early for registration.
  • The opening and plenary will be held in ECG-24 and shared via Teams to the other locations.

Lunch will be served following the opening, with parallel sessions starting at 13:15

Afternoon parallel sessions

  • The programme is available at
  • The rooms shown on the programme are for staff at Coventry; staff in London, Scarborough and Wroclaw will join via Teams from the locations indicated above.
  • Workshops will generally consist of up to four short presentations with time for questions.  Each workshop will be run through Teams allowing colleagues from across the different locations to join.  Colleagues will be presenting from the different locations.
  • Once in the workshops participants are encouraged join the Teams meetings set up for each workshop so they can engage in using the chat.  However, please ensure you join with your computer sound muted and microphone muted to avoid audio feedback issues in the rooms.
  • The workshops will be recorded.  Please be mindful of this during the sessions.  Recordings will be added to the conference website after the event if you are unable to attend a session that was of interest.
  • Teams links will be available from the Conference website
  • Padlet links will be available for each workshop; these will be used as a space to share ideas and questions that can be followed up on after the conference.
  • Space for conversation and reflection will be provided between the parallel sessions.  Please use this to connect with colleagues.  Refreshments will be available during these spaces.
  • If you have not already registered please do so using the Registration Link

Rail Strike

  • It is recognised that the planned rail strike for the 23rd June will impact on some colleagues being able to attend the conference on campus.  While we look forward to seeing as many colleagues on campus as possible where travel will be impacted by the strike colleagues are encouraged to join the conference using the Teams links available from the website.

Development Sessions – week commencing 27th June

The event on the 23rd June will be followed by a full programme of development sessions covering a wide range of activities linked to the conference themes.  These will be delivered wholly online as one hour workshops.  Many of these follow on from sharing practice sessions, allowing participants to learn more about the practice shared at the event on the 23rd June.

  • The schedule of sessions can be viewed at
  • You are encouraged to book onto a session using the Professional Development booking system.  This will allow presenters to send out any advance information and any follow up information.  You will also receive a calendar invite with the Teams link. 
    • Teams links will be published on the conference website
  • Most of the development sessions will be recorded.  Please be mindful of this during the sessions.  Recordings will be added to the conference website after the event if you are unable to attend a session that was of interest.

Questions & Information

If you have any questions regarding the conference in the meantime, then please get in touch with us at: