There are eleven categories of award, open to any group of staff (academic and professional services or mixed teams) within the Coventry University Group. One award will be made to a team in each of the categories.

  1. The Vice-Chancellor's Award for Excellence in Student Experience – Coventry prides itself on providing an amazing experience to all of its students to help them succeed personally, professionally and academically. This award is for a team that demonstrates an exceptional commitment to embody and promote an extraordinary student experience.   
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  2. Digital Fluency and Innovation​​​​​​ - We live in a digital age and our students are already highly competent in their use of new technology, so we need to ensure we can support them appropriately. This award is for those teams who are utilising new or emergent technologies in learning and teaching to ensure an excellent student experience.
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  3. Supporting Global Learning - At Coventry, we know how important it is that our students are prepared for a global workplace. This award is for those teams who run initiatives that will enhance our students’ experiences as global learners, preparing them confidently for the world of work.
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  4. Excellence in Equality, Diversity & Inclusion - We pride ourselves at Coventry on providing an inclusive and supportive community for our staff and students. This award is in recognition of those teams or groups who have made an outstanding contribution towards reducing or eliminating inequalities and have actively demonstrated a commitment to building more inclusive opportunities.
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  5. Research and Scholarship Inspired Teaching - We believe that excellent research leads to excellent teaching and we’re always looking for ways to link the two. This award is for a teaching initiative that clearly demonstrates research and teaching linkages enabling students to engage with ongoing research projects and bring that added dimension to student learning.
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  6. Outstanding Course Team - We know our staff are passionate about the courses they deliver and ensuring that our students receive an outstanding experience. This award is for a   course team demonstrating an exceptional contribution or innovation in course design and performance that brings learning to life, whatever the discipline.
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  7. Outstanding Research Initiative - Our world-leading research already makes a tangible difference in the world, by being focused on the global priorities of now and the future. This award is for a team that has delivered a high-quality impactful research initiative that has demonstrated significant impact beyond the university group.
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  8. Outstanding Professional Services Team -​​​ Our Professional Services colleagues are second to none, providing an exceptional service to both staff and students. This award is for  ​​​​a Professional Services team who provides an outstanding service or contribution that enhances the environment and experience for students and/or staff. This award is open for all and environment can be interpreted broadly – physically, virtually or socially. 
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  9. Creativity and Enterprise Initiative - Creativity at Coventry takes many forms and we’re keen to hear how your team is making an impact. This award is for an initiative that demonstrates impact in any areas of knowledge transfer, intellectual property exploitation, social enterprise, consultancy and professional learning or physical infrastructure, facilities and equipment.
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  10. Student Employability Initiative - At Coventry, we know how important it is that our students leave university with a rounded education encompassing both academic and co-curricular experiences that are valued by employers. This award is to recognise an initiative that demonstrates innovation and impact on student employment, ensuring that students leave university with the right skill set. 
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  11. Community Engagement Initiative - We’re proud to be part of the local community and want to keep building our relationships with our campus community, neighbours, partners and the wider regional community. This award is for an initiative which demonstrates engagement, impact and linkage between the university and the wider communities.​​​​​​​
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Submission Process

Submissions must use the form which includes:

  • 250 word summary description of the initiative
  • 500 word (max) statement that identifies how the submission meets the general criteria and in what specific ways the submission demonstrates excellence
  • 100 word supporting statement from the head of the organisational unit
  • up to FIVE items of supporting evidence may be attached

Examples of evidence might include:

  • Student/participant feedback, usually in an analysed summary
  • Independent feedback from colleagues and peers
  • Video, photographic or audio evidence (NB only one piece of video evidence may be submitted)
  • External Recognition; this might include feedback, recognition in different fora, transfer of ideas to other applications and contexts, use of External Examiners’ reports etc
  • Evidence of student achievement and/or engagement
  • Outputs, materials, aids or other artefacts (such as press releases and articles) and supporting evidence of their use
  • Refereed articles or other publications, proposals related to the initiative

These examples are indicative only and other evidence may be included.

Submissions can be made using the submissions form and must be submitted by Monday 27th April 2020.

General Criteria

All submissions should be supported by the head of the organisational unit in which the team is based. Cross-University submissions are encouraged and in this case should be supported by the most appropriate head of organisational unit.

All submissions will be judged against the following general criteria. These criteria will be applied flexibly in recognition of the broad range of contexts in which colleagues practise and the diversity of forms that excellence may take. The general criteria are:

  • Impact of the initiative
  • Innovative nature of the initiative
  • Evidence informed practice: How the supporting evidence demonstrates that the initiative has enhanced practice.  For example; the student experience, research environment, communities or the wider life and wellbeing of the University community. 

Each submission will only be considered under one category.