Session #20 - 15.45 - 16.45

1- Games Art - Jason Etienne and Robert Hennessy Dempster (FAH)

Abstract: In our presentation we will be discussing our previous teaching pre Covid and how we have adapted our methods to go fully online.

We will look at how applications such as ZOOM can be used, not only to teach full classes, but how to assess, help and give feedback – as well as record sessions for students to revisit.

2 - Innovative approach for student engagement before/during and after science lab sessions and assessment feedback– Sharon Williams (HLS)

Abstract: Innovative approach for student engagement before the lab as well as using smart worksheets schedules during the lab, a higher level of independence has been observed. The post lab opportunities found to be very valuable approach to give a formative feedback for the students before submitting their summative lab reports.

3 - Genesys Project - Applied Learning for Enhanced Student Experience – Dr. Chikezie Emele (FAH)

Abstract: This presentation focuses on some of the best practices adopted through the Genesys Project to enhance our students experience by engaging and exposing them to industry opportunities.

This applied learning approach helps to build the confidence of our students, equip them with employability skills and expose them to real-world application of their skills in design thinking, content creation, creativity and best practices within the media industry and beyond.