Session #5 - 10.10am - 11.00am

1 -Using a university wide simulation event to develop collaborative capabilities across courses. Using an online domain to create an online repository in response to COVID-19 - Martyn Wyres (HLS)

Abstract: Demonstrating the university wide simulation event, COVSIM. It is used to develop collaborative capabilities and is available to staff and students of any course. Discussing how an online domain was used to help with collating resources for staff and students in the healthcare service in response to COVID-19.

2 - Online clinical placement simulation - Rebecca Johnson, Carla Phillips & Jane Wright (HLS)

Abstract: In this session, we will describe and present a ‘360° image’ simulation of two types of educational simulations. First, a virtual hospital ward for a dietetics placement simulation. Second, a virtual house where students explore the social determinants of health. Pedagogical and practical aspects of using simulation in this way will be discussed.  

3 - Simulation - the 'good' and the 'bad' of presenting court cases - Alexander Simmonds (FBL)

Abstract: Details the creation of, deployment and impact of digital remote learning activities in the teaching of a practical skills module.

4 - Everyone Gets a “Front Row Seat” Online Laboratories - Jeff Peters (EEC)

Abstract: This presentation will outline the development of online laboratories for undergraduate students. It will highlight the advantages of students carrying out a laboratory live and online vs video recordings. The experience for individual students will be shown to be more inclusive and enlightening than a laboratory or lecture based even can be. The journey from Teams to MultiCam to OBS software will be explained for multi engagement events.