Sessions #1 - #5

10.10 - 11.00

Session #1: Assessment [Session abstracts]

1 - Automating feedback and assessment for programming modules - Matthew England and David Croft (EEC)

2 - Lockdown law online': How to do practical law assessments online - Sam Woods Peel  (CU Group)


Session #2: Mental wellbeing; supporting your students and yourself! (Panel) - Curriculum 2025 and Connections Matter [Session abstract]


Session #3: Aula [Session abstracts]

1 -  Aula Overview (Aula)

2 - Lessons learned from Aula with new to UK HE level 4 undergraduate students - Yvonne Browne and Siham Aboujanah (Cov Uni Lon)

3 - Student-Led Creation and Delivery of an Online Taster-Course in Biomedical Science - Samina Jiaudeen, Hamze Hasan & Becky Butler (HLS)

4 - Use of Aula in year one as a social learning tool - Paula Murarescu (FAH)


Session #4: Student Engagement [Session abstracts]

1 - Maintaining student satisfaction and embracing new technologies during remote delivery - presentation - Darshna Vaidya (CU Group)

2 - Reducing barriers for disadvantaged students whilst in lockdown - Melissa Mclaughlin (CU Group)

3 - Cross-Cultural Online Live Debates ιn Higher Education; Can They Increase Student Engagement and Motivation? - Georgia Niolaki and Laura Taylor (HLS)

4 - Virtual Reality in Psychology: enhancing digital fluency and interaction - Aris Terzopoulos, Georgia Niolaki, Sean Graham and Anthony McGuffie (HLS)


Session #5: Learning using Simulation [Session abstracts]

1 - Using a university wide simulation event to develop collaborative capabilities across courses. Using an online domain to create an online repository in response to COVID-19 - Martyn Wyres (HLS)

2 - Online clinical placement simulation - Rebecca Johnson, Carla Phillips & Jane Wright (HLS)

3 - Simulation - the 'good' and the 'bad' of presenting court cases - Alexander Simmonds (FBL)

4 - Everyone Gets a  “Front Row Seat”   The use of  Online Laboratories - Jeff Peters (EEC)