Session #3 - 10.10am - 11.00am

1 - Aula Overview (Aula)

2 - Lessons learned from Aula with new to UK HE level 4 undergraduate students - Yvonne Browne and Siham Aboujanah (Cov Uni Lon)

Abstract: In this presentation we will provide tips, advice and things to know about using Aula for first time for both staff and students - highlighting some of the distinctive features of Aula.

3 - Student-Led Creation and Delivery of an Online Taster-Course in Biomedical Science - Samina Jiaudeen, Hamze Hasan & Becky Butler (HLS)

Abstract: During semester two, students (from the 2nd year of the BSc Biomedical Science course) designed, developed and delivered a Biomedical Science taster course for current applicants. Working with a small team at Aula they created a three-week course which maximised active learning approaches, personalised learning and the development of core skills that would help prospective students to be successful in their first term. The course takes a challenge-based approach; learners actively engaged in the learning process to solve weekly problems and delivered a weekly output in collaboration with their team. A focus on real-world challenges and scenarios enabled learners to apply and receive feedback on their learning in a safe and supported environment. Academically purposeful social connections were also formed between students through intentional weekly cycles of discussion and feedback.

This presentation will be delivered by the two students who developed and delivered the taster course – it will include a walk-through of the course and their reflections.

4 - Use of Aula in year one as a social learning tool - Paula Murarescu (FAH)

Abstract: Every module space on Aula is made of three key sections: the Material, the Class Feed and the Chat. The Class Feed thrives on multiple voices and may therefore be the most active and vibrant aspect of Aula.  

The Class Feed has the capacity to activate and integrate module content by inviting conversation. In doing so, it can foster a sense of community and deepen trust between staff and students. 

In this ten-minute presentation, I draw on my two-year experience of working with Aula on a series of first-year Graphic Design modules and share my approach to the Feed. I showcase the types of content posted most often and examples of student participation, proposing that a positive Aula experience requires both structure and openness to whimsy.