Session #2 - 10.10am - 11.00am

Mental wellbeing; supporting your students and yourself! (Panel) - Curriculum 2025 and Connections Matter

Abstract: This is a joint session hosted by Curriculum 2025 and Connections Matters, two initiatives aimed at supporting the needs of both staff and students to promote positive health and wellbeing.

This session is aimed at all staff across the university, and will offer practical tips and signposting to resources to support staff in managing their own mental wellbeing as well as creating a curriculum that supports and promotes positive wellbeing for students.

The first half the session will have a curriculum focus, discover more about the curriculum 2025 curriculum framework, hear academics share their own experiences of how they have supported their students during Covid and the move to online teaching. Our student panel will be giving their own personal views and experiences of how they have found online learning.

Covid has led to a rapid shift in the way that we work… as we look towards the ‘new normal’ and different working practices, the second half the session will focus on staff wellbeing. Hearing from Pro Vice Chancellor Lisa Bayliss-Pratt on the launch of the new Connections Matter portal, tips from our expert Dr Christine Grant (Occupational Psychologist) on agile and remote working, debating the pro’s and con’s, and our University Lead for Mental Health, Dr Diane Phimister discussing Mental health first aid.

We will close the session with a short panel Q&A offering questions from the audience which will be facilitated through the chat function throughout. Audience members will be asked to share 2 things they will take away from the session to improve their own wellbeing and that of their students.

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