Session #1 - 10.10am - 11.00am

1 - Automating feedback and assessment for programming modules - Matthew England and David Croft (EEC)

Abstract: We will summarise our work on automated feedback and assessment in the first year programming curriculum for BSc Computer Science.  

The automation on formative assessment and feedback using the Codio system has helped students make quicker progress as it is available at any time and location, while allowing the human feedback given in labs to focus on the most important areas. 

The automation of summative assessment using the CodeRunner plugin for Moodle has allowed for prompt and impartial marking and a more authentic assessment experience. 

Student performance and satisfaction metrics have risen, in particular satisfaction with assessment and feedback.


2 - Lockdown law online': How to do practical law assessments online - Sam Woods Peel (CU Group)

Abstract: Practical oral law assignments, such as criminal advocacy and negotiation, were due after the lockdown and these could not be done on campus in the usual way. We assessed what key skills were being tested by the assignments and devised a variety of methods of delivering the assessments online, taking into account the requirements of the assignments and the technological abilities of the students taking these assessments. Lessons learnt will help inform future practical assignments that may be required to be done online in the next academic year, and also facilitate presenting our law degree as a fully online course.