Session #9 - 11.10am - 12.10pm

Student Engagement Programme

Andy Roach, Richard Stephenson, Rob McGowan, Justin Wood, Stephen Booth, Katherine Plunkett, Oli Seal, Sean Daisely 


" A world leading student journey that enhances student successes, and sense of belonging" The Student Engagement Programme will modernise our end-to-end student experience from those making initial pre-arrival enquiries all the way through to alumni.  

• Improve the experience of students (from prospective to alumni) • Improve the experience of staff and empower them to provide the best possible student experience 

 • Improve the reputation and effectiveness of the institution which will drive student numbers This is a business-led transformation, enabled by Salesforce - a Customer (Student) Relationship Management Solution, and so your needs and aspirations to provide great customer service will be core in driving this programme.  

This programme will be designed with the student at the centre and so, by conducting student workshops and having continuous, direct student engagement, the students’ voice will be core to the programme all the way through.