Session #15 - 13.45 - 14.45

1 - Peer to Peer Learning – a Joint Observation Project - Peter Wolstencroft (FBL)  

Abstract: The idea of collegiality is deeply engrained in much of HE life but when it comes to teaching observation, there remains a fear of judgment that often leads to anxiety and worry amongst lecturers. Too often, lectures will be changes when an observer is present so that what is observed is not the normal professional practice of the individual. Within SSL we have launched a peer observation scheme that encourages developmental feedback and the sharing of good practice. After a year in existence, it is now firmly embedded within the School. 


2 - EMD Lecturing - Matthew Danes (FBL) 

Abstract: A way to develop our lecturing style, looking at what we currently do and what we can add. 


3 - Sharing Online Digital Practices: Delivering large scale online learning - Alice Toepritz, Lee Smith, Suzanne Pollitt (HLS) 

Abstract: Our challenge was to create a collaborative curriculum module, delivered 100% online with over 400 students from multiple different courses. The course team also came from 10 different disciplines.  

This is a summary of the most important lessons we learnt, we will refer to practical examples throughout.   

1. Structured and consistent design   

2. Communication – students and staff  

3. Staff support  

4. Combination of synchronous and asynchronous delivery (majority asynchronous for flexibility and timetabling)  

5. Design with online learning at the front of your mind – consider the student experience 

6. Student involvement and feedback throughout  

7. Create a sense of belonging 


4 - How to self-produce great short video or audio material for incorporation into online learning -  John McCaughley (Coventry University Online)

Abstract: Media is at its best when used to humanise concepts and information; it’s about relating theory to real-world scenarios.
In this session you’ll be encouraged to reflect on your own experiences and the case studies that inspire you. Find out how you can integrate these stories into your course to encourage student engagement.