Session #13 - 13.45 - 14.45

1 - McGraw Hill Connect – the personalised learning pathway - Graham Shelton-Rayner (HLS)

Abstract: Image if every student could have a ‘virtual lecturer’ to help guide their learning, and every lecturer a ‘virtual assistant’ to help provide each student with an individualised learning experience.  With access to course specific e-books that actively evaluate student understanding and access to multimedia-rich supplementary resources including simulated learning scenarios, the McGraw Hill Connect platform provides the digital support we need as we move to blended delivery.

2 - Outduction– Friday Adejo (CU Group)

Abstract: This presentation outlines our delivery of the Outduction event at CU London for outgoing degree students. These students were part of our first graduating class as a university. While we are familiar with the concept of induction for incoming students and initiatives to help students engage with the academic environment, Outductions are not very popular. There are numerous activities in universities to recognise the achievement of final year students but the concept of Outduction, which focuses on reflection of the students learning experience and identification and exploration of skills necessary for the world of work is rare in many universities. The CU London Outduction programme, initiated by Anthony Aylmer and the BPICC team, aimed to help students and staff reflect on the student journey and their experience of being final year students. Activities were designed to further help students identify critical skills required for success in their academic and career journey post-graduation. This initiative premised on learning from the Higher Education Academy (2011) event themed ‘Outduction’ focused on themes such as employability, professionalism and ethics in the work place.

3 - Meet the author: virtual synchronous activity - Bernard Burke (HLS)

Abstract: In this session I will recount my experiences over the last couple of years using Skype to enable students to interview the overseas-based author of a journal article on which the students are writing an assessed critical review. I will be discussing student engagement and feedback on this activity and why I think it is a simple and useful addition to our toolbox, and also helps with student international engagement.